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At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we exclusively focus on procedures in the areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the neck and face. If you are interested in refining your look or lessening the symptoms of aging, a facelift may be a good choice for you. At our Tampa office, we provide a wide range of facial surgery procedures to satisfy our patients’ unique needs in Palm Harbor and the surrounding locations in Florida. If you desire a beneficial alteration in your life, we suggest that you consider the many different options available to you, such as a facelift at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery.

In the past, facelift surgery was an unmentioned subject, which was covertly performed and never spoken about. But secrecy about plastic surgery has drastically changed in the past 10 years. Even younger men and women regularly have facelifts and the process is now more common and socially acceptable, partly because of the increase in new patients.

To discover if a neck lift or facelift could be good for you, call our plastic surgery practice today. Our Tampa office is easy to access for patients in the entire area.

Facelift Surgery – An Overview

Facelift surgery is designed to remove extra fat and skin, firm underlying muscle tissue and form the resulting tissue into a more youthful and toned appearance. There are many types of facelift surgeries that may be used to enhance a person’s look, lessen signs of aging and remove undesired drooping jowls, wrinkles and age lines. The type of surgery that is best for you is dependent on a variety of elements, such as your aesthetic goals, age and desired surgery timeline.

Benefits of a Facelift

Having a facelift has a genuine and long-lasting result on your overall appearance. The process gently smooths facial skin and lessens the indications of aging by removing jowling or “turkey wattles,” and eliminating deep nasolabial folds or age lines. If injected fillers cannot create the appearance that fulfills your beauty goals, a facelift procedure is the next step to get the appearance you prefer.

Facelift Surgery – Available Techniques

Mini facelift or partial facelift– A mini facelift, which is also called a short-scar facelift, resembles the procedure of a normal facelift, but it focuses on preventing possible scarring. To do a mini facelift, the doctor will make an S-shaped cut from the front of and around the ear. This incision is about 33 percent of the distance of a typical facelift cut, so it helps to lessen any scarring. After this initial incision is done, fat, skin and other tissue may be repositioned and stretched tight. The benefits of this process are lessened swelling, faster healing and minimized noticeable scars. However, the mini facelift will not work for people who desire more extreme tissue alteration.

Mid facelift– This surgery is designed to alter the middle part of the face, particularly the lower eyes, nose, and cheeks. With age, the pads of the cheeks begin to lower to the bottom part of the face because of gravity and the typical results of aging. A mid-facelift corrects these aesthetic issues. After incisions have been created, the cheek pads can be lifted back into location, which will aid in lessening age lines and nasolabial folds, returning the youthful look of the cheeks and lessening or removing any pulling along the lower eyelids.

Full facelift or deep plane facelift– Deep plane and full facelifts are extensive surgeries that will provide drastic changes. A deep plane facelift requires moving, lifting or suspending connective tissue (superficial muscular aponeurotic system or SMAS) and re-draping the tissue into the more preferable position. This process helps the connective tissue to stay connected and retain the placement of the natural incision, which may be concealed behind or surrounding the ear or underneath the hairline. To properly do a deep plane facelift, a cosmetic surgeon needs to have a detailed understanding of microsurgery, plastic surgery and the nervous system of the face. A full facelift procedure is very comparable to the deep plane facelift, but it does not require the complete raising of fat pads and connective tissue in the area. Instead, the facial skin is lifted externally and the skin, muscle, and fat tissue are realigned.

Neck lift – Just like a facelift, a neck lift is a surgical process in which extra muscle tissue is disconnected and re-draped for a more pleasing, youthful look. The cuts needed for a neck lift are normally concealed behind the ears or beneath the chin. The skin, muscle tissue, and fat are molded through these incisions and extra skin might be removed. After the tissue has been realigned, the cuts are sealed. The recovery period needed after a neck lift is comparable to the recovery time of a facelift.

Facelifts and neck lifts for men– Doing facial surgery for a man can be more difficult than for a woman because of the thicker, hairy skin. It may also be harder to conceal cuts because of this. Therefore, it is imperative that men desiring facial cosmetic surgery consult with experts that have years of expertise in the facial cosmetic surgery field, like Dr. Davis. At our Tampa office, Dr. Davis individualizes facelifts for each man’s requirements. The incisions might be done along sideburns or hair tufts so that any potential scars are discrete. We can easily remove “turkey wattles” or drooping jowls with little or no downtime.

It is necessary to know that facelifts are not a “one size fits all” process. Each facelift surgery that we do is individualized to the unique patient’s personal desires or requirements. We decide on the most efficient surgery based on a variety of factors, including the patient’s physical health, his or her desired budget and his or her required recovery time. For example, all patients cannot set aside the time needed for recovery from a deep-plane facelift so a less intrusive partial lift might be a more desirable choice. If you have monetary or time restrictions, be confident that we provide many different options and will discover an option that works for you.

Recovery and Aftercare – Post-surgery Process

After a facelift procedure is done, we surround the treated tissue in supportive dressings, which should remain in position for 48 to 72 hours. At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we do not install drains. If any drains are placed, it is only briefly, and these drains are taken out before the patient leaves the recovery room. We remain in close communication with patients during the first 24 hours after surgery, calling them both that night and the next morning. We keep this contact because 90 percent of post-surgical hematomas, which are collections or pooling of blood underneath the skin, happen during the 24 hours after surgery, and 90 percent of those hematomas happen in the first hour following surgery. By keeping open communication with our patients following the procedure, we make sure that there is a very low risk of complication.

About two to three days following surgery, the patient will return to the office to have their dressings taken off. During this time, we also examine the incisions and ensure that they are properly healing. After the dressings are taken off, we give the person a supportive dressing or girdle that is worn throughout the night for about four to six weeks. These dressings aid in encouraging healing and shape the skin. During the following six weeks, we check on the patient’s progress at bi-weekly or weekly visits. To safeguard optimal outcomes and lessen complication chances, we are very restrictive during post-operative care. We request that our patients do not take part in a difficult activity for up to six weeks, as well as activity that involves the neck and head so the surgery site can heal correctly. If the patient obeys our rules, he or she can anticipate a fantastic outcome. However, if complications occur, Dr. Davis is available at all times.

Revisions and Potential Complications

About six months after the surgery is healed, we can decide if any revisions are necessary. Due to Dr. Davis’s skill in the area of facial cosmetic surgery and his talent in facelift procedures, our revision rate is very small. However, if Dr. Davis does notice anything that may be improved, he will do small touch-ups free of charge. A facelift might not be common for you, but it is routine for Dr. Davis — take advantage of the proficiency of him and his employees! We use the most modern techniques, take charge of facelift surgery recovery and aftercare and check up on patients at our Tampa clinic to assure healing and recuperation are going as desired.

Though unusual, complications may happen. Possible complications are noticeable scarring, unusual bruising, hematomas, facial nerve injury or blood fluid collection. Understanding these possible complications will assist you in making an informed decision about surgery. However, we can greatly reduce the chances of complications with our excellent care, experience, and knowledge of safe, modern techniques.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Facelift surgery is viewed as cosmetic, so it is not paid for by insurance. People are required to cover the complete cost of the process. Dr. Davis accepts cash, credit cards, checks or CareCredit® financing.

Why Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

You can be confident in the knowledge that you will be cared for by an experienced team of healthcare professionals who will always focus on your best interests when you choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery. We use reliable procedures, are completely responsible during your recovery period, are always there to answer questions, frequently monitor your post-surgery recovery and take thorough steps to reduce complication risks and assure fantastic outcomes. A facelift may have a noticeable effect on your life. Your improved, natural-looking look will raise your self-esteem and confidence, positively impact the people around you and influence your social, romantic and professional life. Why choose any other doctor to do your surgery but Dr. Davis? With a background specifically in face, head and neck reconstruction, Dr. Davis is a master of facial plastic surgery.

If you reside in Palm Harbor or the surrounding Florida areas and are considering a facelift, contact our plastic surgery office today. Our Tampa practice is open Monday through Friday.

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