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Neck and Face Liposuction
in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

Face and neck liposuction can dramatically reduce the effects of aging by improving fine lines and sagging skin caused by fat deposits. Improving your neck and face, though, requires the highest degree of skill and experience, especially when considering neck and face liposuction. The men and women of Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns rely on Dr. Dean G. Davis, a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, for all of their neck and face liposuction needs.

What are Face and Neck Procedures?

Davis Facial Plastic Surgery offers a range of face and neck procedures to reduce the signs of aging, improve the tone and volume of your skin and repair certain types of cosmetic issues caused by sun exposure. Dr. Davis performs procedures on the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, and brow, as well as procedures that improve the overall appearance of the face and neck.

With most liposuction procedures, the goal is to reduce excess fat in order to reveal a toned and fit appearance. However, with the face and neck, liposuction becomes more about sculpturing the face and neck and is more frequently called “liposculpture.” Used more as a way of sculpturing the face by shifting the fat to re-contour areas of the face, face and neck liposuction creates a fresher, more youthful appearance in addition to a more defined and contoured face and neck. Rather than reducing all of the fat, it is used to re-contour areas of the face that need a little rejuvenation so that the results are softer and more natural.

Face and neck liposuction offers the best results to the areas under the chin and around the jawline, or “jowls.” This is where the skin tends to sag with age. Neck and face liposuction is also an excellent option for those with genetic fat deposits that can only be reduced with this type of procedure.

Benefits of Face and Neck Liposuction

The face and neck are typically the first areas that people notice which is why they are also the first ones that people want to improve. The benefits of face and neck liposuction may include:

  • Firmer, trimmer neck
  • Thinner, more contoured face, especially the cheeks
  • More youthful and healthy appearance
  • More facial definition
  • More options with different clothing necklines
  • Increased self-confidence

Face and Neck Liposuction Procedure

During face and neck liposuction, Dr. Davis makes small, inconspicuous incisions under the chin or in front of the earlobes depending on the targeted areas of the procedure. Once the incisions are made, a cannula, or small tube, is inserted under the skin to suction out the excess fat cells. When the correct amount of fat cells has been reduced, the incisions are closed and dressed to promote healing. The procedure typically takes about an hour and may be done under a local (twilight) or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure.

We advise our patients that fat cells are taken care of by liposuction; however, other fat cells may enlarge with noticeable weight gain. This is why a healthy diet and exercise regimen are essential to maintaining the results of this procedure.

Face and Neck Liposuction Recovery

During face and neck liposuction recovery, you will wear a compression garment to help reduce postoperative swelling as well as additional swelling and bruising that occurs in the first week after the surgery. You can return to work and light activity after a week and resume normal activities within a month.

With this procedure, the results are more natural and subtle than with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures and become more visible within a few weeks leaving you with a smoother, more defined and younger appearance. If you have excess skin or skin with little elasticity, you may want to consider an additional procedure such as a facelift to reduce excess skin so that you achieve the look you want.

Real Patient Reviews

“I selected Dr. Dean Davis and his office to work their magic on my aging neck and face from all the surgeons on the west coast of Florida and they exceeded my expectations. Dr. Davis set realistic goals and then proceeded to knock them out of the park. He is true to his vision and is willing to invest his time, talent and patience to make sure that you are lovely. Dr. Davis’ commitment to natural beauty, managable procedures and excellent service and care really makes him one of the “Top Docs” in South Florida. My research paid off and I am thrilled with the results and his attention to detail.” – Linda K.

How Much Does Neck and Face Liposuction Cost?

During your consultation, Dr. Davis will review your procedure costs. Davis Facial Plastic Surgery does not participate in any medical health insurance plans. To help you cover the cost of the procedure, we accept CareCredit® financing. Dr. Davis accepts payment via cash or credit card, as well. For information about the financial options available to you, please contact us.

Would you like a more sculpted appearance for your face and neck? Are fine lines and loose skin adding years to your neck and face? If so, contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation for neck and face liposuction.