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The team at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in face and neck reconstructive surgery and facelifts are among the procedures that they can perform. A facelift can help to counteract the physical signs of aging. We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures for the face at our Tampa location. The procedures we provide allow us to meet the needs of patients in Land O’ Lakes and nearby Florida communities. If you want to make a positive change in your life, surgery should be considered along with all the other options you have available.

It used to be taboo to discuss the facelift procedure. Surgeries were performed in secret and never talked about, however, the attitude has shifted over the last decade. People of all ages now regularly undergo facelifts and the procedure has become widely accepted, partly because so many people are having it performed.

Contact our practice as soon as possible to determine if a facelift or neck lift might be the right procedure for you. We have a location in Tampa that is easy to reach for our patients in the area.

The Facelift Procedure: Overview

The objective of a facelift is to get rid of excess skin and fat, as well as to tighten muscle. The rest of the tissue will also be repositioned to create an appearance that is firmer and more youthful. Depending on your age and recovery goals after surgery, there is a variety of facelift procedures that can be used to deal with signs of aging. Those signs of aging may include saggy jowls and lines or folds in the skin.

Facelift Benefits

Having a facelift performed can greatly improve your appearance by refining the skin and getting rid of aging signs like jowls, deep nasolabial folds along with age lines. If you are not able to get the results that you want with injectable methods, then the next logical step is to undergo a facelift.

The Facelift Procedure: Surgical Techniques

Mini or Partial Facelift

A mini or partial facelift is also sometimes called a short-scar facelift. It is like a standard facelift but is designed to limit the potential for scarring. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an S-shaped incision in front of and around the ear. This incision is much smaller than that used for a standard facelift, which means that the resulting scar will be much less noticeable. After this incision has been made, skin and fat tissue can be moved around and the skin pulled tight. This procedure’s benefits include the fact that swelling is reduced, the patient recovers in less time and the scarring is less obvious. It is not appropriate, however, if the patient requires major tissue lifting.

Mid Facelift

This type of facelift deals with the middle of the face such as the cheeks, nose and the area under the eyes. With time, the cheek pads will start to sag towards the lower part of the face because of gravity and aging. A mid facelift is a way to correct this issue. During this procedure, the surgeon will make incisions that allow the cheek pads to be lifted back into position. This can help to correct nasolabial folds and age lines, thus providing the patient’s cheeks with a younger appearance. It can also have the benefit of lowering or removing tension on their lower eyelids.

Full or Deep Plane Facelift

These procedures are more extensive and are able to deliver dramatic improvements. With a deep plane facelift, connective tissue can be adjusted in different ways. It may be mobilized, elevated or suspended (superficial aponeurotic system) and re-draped in a better position. With this technique, the connective tissue remains connected and the natural incision position is preserved. The surgeon can hide it around the ear, behind it or under the hairline. The surgeon will need a thorough knowledge of plastic surgery, as well as of microsurgery and of the nervous system for a deep plane facelift to be performed successfully. A full facelift is like a deep plane facelift but does not require the fat pads and connective tissue around them to be completely elevated. Instead, the skin is lifted outwards and then repositioned along with the muscle and fat tissue.

Neck Lift

This is very much like a facelift in that a neck lift is a procedure for the removal and repositioning of excess skin and muscle. The goal is to make the patient look more youthful and attractive. The incisions for a neck lift are usually made under the chin or behind the ears. Skin, fat and muscle tissue can be molded through these incisions and they allow for excess skin to be removed. The incisions will be closed once the tissue has been repositioned. Neck lifts and facelifts have similar recovery times.

Performing Facelifts and Neck Lifts on Men

These procedures can be more difficult on men than on women due to the tougher bearded skin. It may also be more difficult for incisions to be hidden for the same reason. This is why men who are considering facial cosmetic surgery should work with experts like Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis ensures that the facelift procedure is customized to the needs of each of our male patients. The incisions can be placed around tufts of hair or sideburns, ensuring that any scars are kept out of sight. Heavy jowls can thus be removed with little to no downtime.

It is important to point out that facelifts are not universal. Each one that we perform is designed specifically to meet that specific patient’s needs and goals. We calculate which is the right procedure based on criteria like the patient’s body type or budget, as well as the time that they have for recovery. For example, deep plane facelifts require a lot of recovery time. Not everyone can afford that much time and, therefore, a partial lift may be a better option. If your time and budget are limited, we offer a full range of options and will be able to provide the one that is right for you.

After-Surgery Care Process

The area being treated is wrapped in supportive dressings after the procedure has been completed. The dressings are usually kept in place for between 48 and 72 hours. We rarely ever use drains at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery. When we do, we use them temporarily and they are removed before the patient leaves the recovery room. We maintain close contact with the patient for the 24 hours following their procedure. We call the night after the surgery and on the following morning. This contact is important because 90 percent of hematomas after surgery occur within the first 24 hours. A hematoma is the pooling of blood beneath the skin and 90 percent of hematomas occur within an hour after the procedure. We maintain an extremely low rate of complications by staying in touch with our patients after the procedure.

The patient will come into our office to have their dressings removed about two or three days after surgery. At this point, we will inspect the incisions to ensure that they are healing correctly. After the dressings have been removed, we provide girdles (supportive dressings) that should be worn overnight for between four to six weeks. These dressings help to contour the skin and encourage healing. The patient will be seen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the following six weeks to check on their progress. This helps to ensure the best outcome while minimizing the risk of complication. Our procedure for post-operative care is very strict. We request that our patients avoid strenuous activity for six weeks, as well as any activity involving the head or neck. This is to ensure proper healing of the tissue. Patients who follow these instructions should see excellent results. However, Dr. Davis is available at any time should any complications arise.

Potential Complications and Revisions

We can decide whether revisions are necessary about six months after the procedure. Our rate of revisions is particularly low due to the fact that Dr. Davis is an expert in facial plastic surgery and in facelift procedures in particular. However, touch-ups will be provided at no extra cost if there is something that requires an improvement. Dr. Davis and his staff perform these procedures regularly, so enjoy the benefit of his expertise. We use the latest methods and maintain control over the facelift procedure, as well as aftercare and recovery. We also monitor patients in our Tampa clinic to make sure that healing and recovery are proceeding as planned.

Complications do occur, though rarely. They include scars that are visible, hematomas and the collection of blood fluid. Injury to facial nerves and abnormal bruising are also possible. Understanding the potential for these complications can help with making an educated decision with regard to your treatment. That said, the risk of complications can be significantly mitigated with quality care, experience and the use of modern approaches that are safer.

What is the Cost of a Facelift?

Because facelift surgery is considered cosmetic, it is not covered by insurance. This means that patients are required to cover the full cost of the surgery. Dr. Davis accepts cash, credit card, and check payments along with CareCredit® as a way to finance the procedure.

Why Should You Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

You can be secure in the knowledge that you will be under the care of experts at Davis Facial Plastic surgery. Our talented professionals will always have your best interests in mind. We use sound methods, take full responsibility for your recovery and are ready to answer your questions at any point. We monitor your recovery and healing while doing everything we can to limit the potential for complications and to get the best possible outcome. Having a facelift performed can have a definite effect on your life by providing you with an appearance that can increase your self-esteem and have a positive effect on your confidence as on the people around you. You will see the results in your personal life as well as in professional life. There is no reason to choose anyone else but Dr. Davis to handle your surgery. Dr. Davis’s background is entirely in the reconstruction of the head, face, and neck. He is a master of facial plastic surgery.

If you live in Land O’ Lakes or in nearby areas in Florida and have thought about getting a facelift, contact us at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery today. Our location in Tampa is open from Monday to Friday.

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