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Post-Op Care in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, our skilled, compassionate staff wants you to have a positive experience, even if your surgery, treatment, or procedure leaves you feeling out of sorts. We provide pleasant, comfortable and attentive care to each of our patients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and surrounding areas.

Top-Notch Post-Op Care at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery

When you undergo surgery or an important treatment or procedure, working through the logistics to get it scheduled can be tedious. We understand the planning and preparing that it takes to get ready for your surgery or procedure and the special accommodations that are required after it is complete. Our number one concern is the well-being of every patient and assuring the best outcome of your investment. Here at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we can help arrange assistance from several local agencies to meet your unique needs.

Pre-op & Post-op Surgery

The majority of plastic surgeries require a recovery time of at least two days of limited movement and lifting, requiring extra help and support around the house. It is critical that you adhere to Dr. Davis’ recovery plan in order to keep scarring to a minimum. Most patients prefer to spend their downtime in complete privacy, thereby making errands and outings out of the question without the assistance of a caregiver. We will respect your privacy after your cosmetic procedure while ensuring you receive rest to recover and recuperate properly.

If you don’t have family in the area to provide transportation to an appointment or in-home care, Davis Facial Plastic Surgery can help arrange assistance from several local agencies.

These services include:

  • Accompany you back to the procedure
  • Wait for you at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Accompany you back to your home
  • Help you settle comfortably at home
  • Prepare a meal for you (if you so desire)
  • Monitor your status

Please contact us if you would like to take part in our pre- and post-operative services. Your health and wellness before, during and after your procedure is our number one focus, and proper care is paramount to ensuring the best outcomes.