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Female Rhinoplasty
in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

The feminine features of the female face speak volumes about a woman’s attractiveness, both to herself and others. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among females in Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns. As a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Dean G. Davis understands how to tailor rhinoplasty techniques to preserve the softer and more feminine features of a woman’s nose.

What Is Female Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that allows women to alter the size and shape of their nose. Dr. Davis can assist you with not only reshaping your nose to match your facial features perfectly, but also to improve the function of your nasal passages.

Why Women Want Rhinoplasty?

  • Improved Appearance: For most women, the most compelling reason to get a rhinoplasty is to alter the shape or size of their nose in order improve their overall appearance. Many women are surprised to find out that changes as small as a few micrometers can drastically change the balance of their face. Women that have a nose that they believe is too small, too large, or misshapen will benefit from a rhinoplasty that balances their face and paints a more aesthetically pleasing portrait.
  • Improved Function: Malformations within your nose may not just be altering its appearance. Dr. Davis has found that some women with misshapen noses also have issues such as vertigo, severe allergies, or problems breathing. For these women, a rhinoplasty could be the perfect answer.


Female Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures Tampa, FL

Female Rhinoplasty

Female Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures Tampa, FL

Female Rhinoplasty

What Women Want From Rhinoplasty

Women want a nose that is not just a good size and shape, but one that also fits naturally on their face. This is one facial feature that should be completely unique and perfectly complement your other features.

Women also want a nose that is the right size for their face. Genetics plays a huge role in the size of one’s nose, but your family’s faces may vary in length, width, and shape.

Dr. Davis understands that every single patient that walks through our doors has their own idea of beauty, and they want a nose to reflect those ideals. This is why we invest so much time and energy into our patients until we have found the perfect alterations to make. This often includes pouring through pictures and carefully inspecting before and after pictures so that you know exactly what to expect.

Finally, our patients want to be able to recognize themselves once they are out of surgery. The changes must be clear enough to improve your overall appearance but subtle enough that you can still look in the mirror and recognize yourself. We never want a patient unsure of the final result.

Preparing for a Female Rhinoplasty

In the weeks leading up to your rhinoplasty, it is important that you cease using any medication that thins the blood. This includes common painkillers and anti-inflammatories that could complicate the procedure. We also suggest that you avoid taking any homeopathic herbs or supplements and refrain from drinking and smoking the week before the surgery.

Female Rhinoplasty Recovery

Any time that this procedure requires changes to the cartilage in your nose or the bone structure, then we will most likely use a formed plastic splint to protect your nose and surrounding tissue. The discomfort following a rhinoplasty is generally quite low, and patients can expect a recovery period of 10 to 14 days. The swelling and bruising will often go down, but you should avoid any strenuous activity for at least another six weeks. Most patients are significantly healed within 30 days.

Real Patient Reviews

“The staff is very friendly and informative. Clean and relaxing office, and Dr Davis is of course a fantastic surgeon. I got a rhinoplasty done and you can tell he takes pride in his work. The results are very natural and he gave me a much cuter, feminine nose. Very glad to have had him as my surgeon!
” – Gabriella S.

How Much Does Female Rhinoplasty Cost?

During your consultation, Dr. Davis will review the costs of your rhinoplasty. Davis Facial Plastic Surgery does not participate in any medical health insurance plans. If you have any questions about financing your procedure, contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Davis accepts all major credit cards, CareCredit®, and cash for procedures.

Why Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

You can trust Dr. Davis to provide superlative care and superb nose job results. For these reasons alone, you should consider Davis Facial Plastic Surgery for your female rhinoplasty procedure. However, in addition to his commitment to quality care and superior, natural-looking results that accentuate the patient’s best features, Dr. Davis is also uniquely qualified to perform female rhinoplasty. With a medical background that focuses exclusively on neck and face surgery, Dr. Davis has nearly unparalleled experience in nose surgery in the Tampa area. Rest assured, he has an intimate understanding of aesthetics and function.

Don’t trust your rhinoplasty to anyone! As a woman, you deserve to retain the feminine aspects of your nose even though you would like to make small changes to the size and shape. If you live in Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns and are considering female rhinoplasty, contact our Tampa office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Davis.