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Chin Augmentation
in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

For decades, chin augmentation surgery has been used by facial plastic surgeons to bring back balance to the face and boost self-esteem in both men and women. Whether the goal is to strengthen the jawline or improve your profile in photos, patients’ response to their chin surgery is overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Dean G. Davis, a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, offers chin augmentation to the residents of Florida including Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns.

The face is made up of three “thirds,” including the eyes, the nose/cheekbones, and the chin/jawline. A strong chin in this lower third can help bring balance to the other two-thirds of the face, whereas an undersized or weak chin can affect the overall facial harmony and even allow the nose to appear more prominent or neck to show sagging.

Many times a chin augmentation is recommended to complement other facial procedures including rhinoplasty and facelifts. Sometimes chin augmentation is needed to create a more balanced appearance with the nose, and, therefore, a more attractive profile. During a facelift or neck lift, an implant may be used to create a youthful, smooth jawline and help with skin sagging at the neck or to help assist and take some of the weight off at the jowls or smile wrinkle lines.

Are You a Good Candidate?

During the consultation, Dr. Davis evaluates your facial proportions, and if your expectations are realistic, you should be a good candidate for the procedure.

Choosing Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a surgeon for your chin or jaw augmentation, the selection of a facial plastic surgeon will guide you to a successful outcome. Dr. Davis is a Double Board Certified and AAFPRS Fellowship Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in the face and neck only. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Davis favors minimally invasive techniques, continues his education to remain current with any advances in procedure and stays aware of the state-of-the-art products on the market to provide the best of care to his patients.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Pictures Tampa, FL

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Before and After Pictures Tampa, FL

Chin Augmentation

The Chin Implant and Procedure

The implant used for chin augmentation is typically made of a harder silicone. Dr. Davis has samples of the implants for you to see and feel. There are many shapes and sizes depending on your facial structure. Dr. Davis places all implants through a fine incision under the chin and fits it naturally over the jawbone. Although almost 40% of us already have scars under our chin from an incident with a swing growing up or cutting ourselves while shaving, the scar heals up nicely. The procedure can be done either in the office with local anesthesia under sedation or at a surgery center under general anesthesia and takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.


You will need ten days to two weeks of “down-time,” and six weeks of reduced physical activity to allow the chin to heal properly. After the surgery, for some patients the skin feels tight or stretched for about a week. Prescribed medication will assist any discomfort. Chewing will be limited following the procedure, and liquid and soft foods are recommended for a few days post-procedure. You may also think you look swollen to others for a couple of weeks until you get used to having your new chin.

Chin Reduction

Sometimes the chin is too overwhelming for the other top two-thirds of the face – the eyes and nose. It may be too strong and too prominent. During a chin reduction surgery, the procedure is tailored to your needs, and the bone will be sculpted to produce a defined chin. The surgery brings more symmetry to the face to complement the other facial features. Much like a chin implant, a small incision is made under the chin, and there is little scarring. Neck liposuction can be used to help define the neck even further. Much like chin augmentation, chin reduction procedures have the additional benefit of boosting patient confidence. Our patients have been delighted with their results.

Real Patient Reviews

“Currently 2 1/2 months post-op from septorhinoplasty and chin implant and let me just say this man has changed my life. I had deviated septum’s, crooked nose, dorsal hump and droopy tip. We can thank my polish ancestors for that. Also I didn’t even know I had problems breathing until after my surgery.. I can breathe so much better. My nose looks so good even though there is a lot of swelling still. Dr. Davis likes to do more natural rhinoplasties, I told him I wanted it to be more dramatic and that he did. It’s a big difference but I still look like myself. It was hard believing that I can find beauty in myself without my nose making me look like a different person, but he proved me wrong. His bedside manner is amazing and I really can’t imagine a scenario where it could’ve gone any better. Everything was perfect from consultation to surgery. He really does make you feel so comfortable and taken care of, even his staff. Shoutout to Natasha and Ashley <3. He really makes you feel that you can trust him completely, and I did. So far I am loving my new nose and I can’t wait to see how it looks in a year. I don’t regret choosing Dr. Davis as my surgeon at all.” – Katie

How Much Does Chin Augmentation Cost?

The cost of chin augmentation varies as it depends on the extent of the procedure and if it is combined with other procedures. During the consultation, we will discuss the cost with you, as well as our payment options, which include financing through CareCredit®. We accept cash and most major credit cards, as well. Davis Facial Plastic Surgery does not participate in any medical health insurance plans.

The Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Davis evaluates your face and ask you how you want your chin to look. This will help him decide which way to augment your chin to achieve that look. Additionally, he will also discuss the procedure and address any questions.

Think you may be a candidate for chin augmentation or reduction surgery? If you live in Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns, contact our office today and schedule a consultation!