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Rhinoplasty in Land O’ Lakes, FL

When it comes to your personal appearance, facial symmetry and pleasantness are crucial to an appealing look. The nose is one of the most important parts of a beautiful face but if it is disproportionate, misshapen, injured or functioning poorly, it can dramatically decrease physical attractiveness and quality of life. Modern medical procedures like rhinoplasty can reshape the nose and correct genetic or physical flaws. Dr. Dean G. Davis, an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, is proud to provide rhinoplasty patients in Land O’ Lakes, FL with expert reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services at our world class practice.

Our skilled and dedicated staff is committed to a deep understanding of the important relationship of the nose to the face, as well as bringing our patients, both male and female, a perfect and appealing look. Every treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs, which allows us to deliver satisfying and beautiful results every time for every face. We understand that when your nose is in balance with your other facial features, you simply look and feel better. If you are living in Land O’ Lakes, FL and are interested in a rhinoplasty procedure, contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery today for a consultation that will allow you to explore your options with a knowledgeable professional.

Rhinoplasty – An Overview

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for the plastic surgery procedure commonly known as a nose job. This surgery is performed for reconstructive, revisionary and cosmetic purposes, and can help a patient breathe better, look better and feel better. Dr. Davis specializes specifically in this one kind of procedure, dedicating his entire practice to delivering stunning and satisfactory results and upholding his stellar reputation among clients and professional peers alike.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

In addition to helping a patient feel better, more confident and outgoing, and even more youthful, a successful rhinoplasty surgery can also improve breathing, raise energy levels and deliver a better quality of life. Satisfied patients often find themselves being more social, positive and having better self-esteem which can positively impact all areas of a person’s life. If you feel like your appearance is holding you back in your personal or professional life, a rhinoplasty surgery could be the key to unlocking your full potential. A consultation is the first step in deciding if this potentially life-changing procedure is the right step for you.

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Available Techniques

Just like every patient, every rhinoplasty procedure is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution that will work for everyone. Dr. Davis and his staff have a wide arsenal of techniques and approaches at their disposal to ensure that every patient gets the best and most appropriate line of treatment. Finding the right procedure requires many different factors to be taken into consideration, and your initial consultation with Davis Facial Plastic Surgery is an evaluation of these factors, such as your personal health and aesthetic goals. Depending on your unique needs, our expert staff may recommend one of the following procedures:

Open Rhinoplasty

The most frequently used and predictable kind of nose surgery, open rhinoplasty, gives the surgeon and his team full access to the complete structure of the nose, making it one of the most efficient lines of treatment for common cases. This approach involves incisions on both the inside and outside of the nose, as well as on the connective tissue that separates the nostrils from each other. This allows the surgeon to expose the internal structure of the nose and the underlying cartilage, whereupon he can sculpt and reform the fundamental shape of a patient’s nose. Afterward, the doctor places tissue grafts where he removed excess skin and cartilage in order to maintain the nose’s new structure, and then the incisions are closed with sutures and the patient is allowed to heal. This popular method is invasive but gives the doctor a great deal of control.

Closed Rhinoplasty

During a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are hidden from view inside of the nasal cavity instead of on the outside of the nose, which has the potential to produce a more natural looking scar-free result. However, because of its more hidden nature, this method is also more subtle and difficult to outline explicitly to the patient. In skilled hands, closed rhinoplasty is a more artistic and natural looking approach to nose surgery, with a similar recovery period to open rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Although there is no specific technique designed for the special rhinoplasty needs of people of different ethnicities, ethnic rhinoplasty is an important category of customization for the unique appearance goals and facial characteristics of patients with non-Caucasian backgrounds. A profound understanding of the dynamic relationship between the nose and face is crucial to navigating the needs of a patient base with a wide variety of genetic characteristics. With his years of experience, Dr. Davis has the understanding necessary to serve the multi-ethnic population of Land O’ Lakes, FL, and the surrounding regions.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Designed specifically for patients who have already undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, revision rhinoplasty is intended to deal with the unintended or undesirable results of previously done surgeries. This branch of rhinoplasty is unique because the doctor must take into consideration things like scar tissue, grafts, and previously altered nasal structure in order to produce beautiful results. Patients in Land O’ Lakes, FL who are seeking revision rhinoplasty can put their trust in the years of experience and expertise that Dr. Davis brings to these special cases and get the superb results they’ve always dreamed of.

Although a vast majority of procedures are performed using the popular open rhinoplasty approach, the type of surgery that will best suit your needs can only be determined after a thorough consultation with caring experts like the staff at our clinic. Because no one rhinoplasty procedure is right for every patient, Dr. Davis takes the time with each consultation to tailor treatment for each patient’s needs. Every type of rhinoplasty has its own unique advantages and disadvantages and our caring staff offers the professional guidance you need to choose the best option.

Computer Imaging

Thanks to modern imaging techniques, at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery we can offer Land O’ Lakes rhinoplasty patients the opportunity to get a look at what their new nose will look like using our digital rhinoplasty simulator. Plastic surgeons and potential patients alike find this revolutionary medical imaging technique to be extremely helpful when it comes to visualizing what a prospective nose job could potentially do for a patient. Dr. Davis uses computer-simulated images to show patients what their face could look like post-surgery. While this technique doesn’t show definitive results, it can be very useful in helping patients and surgeons visualize the plan of treatment and the steps involved.

Many prospective rhinoplasty patients show up to their consultations with a clear image of how their final results should look. Dr. Davis uses his expertise to formulate the best way to achieve these results, with recommendations for changes to get a beautiful and natural look for each unique patient’s needs. The computer simulation can help with the initial examination by taking a before picture of a patient’s nose and digitally altering it to their ideal look, allowing doctors and patients alike to clearly see the path to improvement during the consultation.

Although the rhinoplasty simulator is a great tool that helps predict and visualize potential results of a nose job, it’s important for patients to understand that, since every nose is different, the end results vary from patient to patient depending on their unique nasal structure, abnormalities, and healing process. In order to maintain functionality, structural integrity, and a beautiful look, Dr. Davis must consider every aspect of the nose during the delicate and detailed work of an expert rhinoplasty procedure. While a nose job simulator can help to predict possible results, the best way to get an idea of what your new nose could look like is a personal consultation with Dr. Davis and his knowledgeable staff.

Improving the Nasal Tip with Tip Plasty

For many patients, only the very tips of their noses are an aesthetic concern. After a consultation, some people find that a tip plasty may be a more effective option than a more extensive full rhinoplasty. For those with large or misshapen nose tips, tip plasty is a series of procedures specifically designed to enhance and reshape the tip of the nose. Using a wide variety of techniques, Dr. Davis can bring out the perfect definition and shape in the underlying cartilage of the nose tip for a stunning and effective result.

Unlike other rhinoplasties, tip plasty is almost always achieved using a closed technique that hides incisions on the inside of the nose and produces a natural result. This particular procedure focuses on the tissue between the nostrils, known as the columella. Because this procedure is much less extensive and invasive than a full rhinoplasty surgery, it can be performed within about an hour under local anesthesia or IV sedation and also involves a much less severe and lengthy recovery period. Because of the hidden location of the incisions on the inner nostril, scarring is minimal and virtually invisible, and even bruising and swelling is often much less noticeable than with full procedures. Most tip plasty patients are able to return to many of their normal activities within one week of surgery.

Recovery and Aftercare – Post-surgery Process

At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, our expert care and service doesn’t end when your surgery is over. We believe in being a nurturing and proactive part of your healing process and making sure that you get the best and most beautiful results possible. A well-managed healing process is one of the best ways to ensure a successful rhinoplasty, and we stand with our patients every step of the way. We start with minimizing bruising and swelling by providing splints, dressings and vitamin supplements to guide and direct the treated area on the path to a successful recovery. These dressings are typically worn for about two weeks and replaced after one. The dressings can be removed 12 to 14 days after surgery and the affected area can usually be covered up with make-up, allowing the patient to return to their normal life with minimally visible bruising and scarring.


To ensure that you heal correctly, some restrictions will apply to your activities in the first six weeks after your surgery. This includes limiting any strenuous physical activity, as well as avoiding wearing eyeglasses or blowing your nose. Our staff will teach you how to treat the affected area gently and care for your new nose to ensure that the structural integrity and shape heal correctly without any undue complications.

After the six-week restrictive period, you will be able to return to sports and any other strenuous activities that are part of your daily life. You can safely wear eyeglasses and enjoy the new look of your nose. However, even though six weeks is the minimal healing period, complete healing will not be complete for up to a year, since the changes to the cartilage and underlying structure of your nose need time to complete.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Like most purely cosmetic surgeries, most rhinoplasties performed for cosmetic or revisionary reason must be paid for out of pocket, since medical insurance companies consider them elective procedures. However, if your rhinoplasty is performed in conjunction with septal surgery in order to correct a breathing problem, it could potentially be covered by insurance. We work with insurance companies and CareCredit® financing to cover your charge, as well as accept payment via cash, check or credit card.

Why Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Davis and his expert team are proud to provide superlative care and superb rhinoplasty results to the residents of Land O’ Lakes, FL, and the surrounding communities. In addition to his care and concern for this community, Dr. Davis has the experience and credentials that make him the best choice for Land O’ Lakes rhinoplasty. With a medical background that has given him years of focus in the field of face and neck plastic surgery, Dr. Davis brings his unparalleled reputation and knowledge to the patients of Davis Facial Plastic Surgery.

If you live in Land O’ Lakes or the surrounding regions of Florida and are curious about rhinoplasty treatment, please contact our qualified staff for a consultation today.

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