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A person’s nose plays a critical role in influencing a person’s facial appearance. When it’s not in proportion to your facial features, too conspicuous or misshapen because of genetics or an injury, or if it restricts breathing due to a physical defect, rhinoplasty, or a nose reshaping surgery, can help provide an improvement to these problems. Choosing to have Dr. Dean G. Davis, who is an otolaryngologist, as well as a dual-board certified facial reconstructive and plastic surgeon, perform the procedure provides the residents of Temple Terrace, Florida and its surrounding areas with improved facial symmetry that can only be accomplished with a rhinoplasty.

At our practice, we have an intimate understanding of the relationship that exists between the face and nose. We also understand what people are looking for when it comes to their noses. For example, men prefer a nose that enhances their rugged features and brings out their jaw line. Women, however, desire a nose that complements their eyes, hair, chin, and lips. With this understanding, we can customize each person’s treatment to ensure that they are satisfied with the results. Basically, the nose must be balanced with the rest of a person’s facial features.

If you are curious about rhinoplasty, especially revision rhinoplasty, contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery today. Our Tampa office is located conveniently for residents who live throughout the region.

Rhinoplasty – An Overview

Rhinoplasty, or what is known as a nose job, involves changing the shape of the nose for functional and cosmetic purposes. Rhinoplasty is sometimes required to fix problems created by a previous nose surgery. When this happens, it is called revision rhinoplasty. Either way, the procedure is designed to assist a patient in meeting their goals for an aesthetically pleasing facial structure and/or to help in breathing properly. Dr. Davis specializes in rhinoplasty and he has extensive experience with performing the surgery. Additionally, patients are often referred to Dr. Davis by their other physicians due to his reputation for providing beautiful results.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

When it is successful, rhinoplasty surgery will allow a patient to breathe better, enjoy increased confidence, increase their social activity and look more youthful and energetic. The final results of a rhinoplasty procedure can never be overlooked because it can have a long-lasting, noticeable impact upon your quality of life. When you step out into the world with increased self-confidence and improved self-esteem that complements your well-balanced appearance, you will leave lasting impressions on everyone around you. You will enjoy positive changes in both your professional and personal relationships. If you have ever felt that your nose held you back from making strides in your life, then we encourage you to consider the possibilities offered by this procedure.

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Available Techniques

No two nose surgeries are alike. For this reason, rhinoplasty should never be considered a procedure that is one size fits all. It is important to know that there are various approaches and techniques that are all meant to correct different needs. The procedure that is ideal for your situation depends on several criteria. When you have your initial consultation at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we will assess your nose’s shape, talk about your aesthetic goals and identify the best treatment plan that will help achieve your goals. Some of the techniques that we might recommend include the following:

Open rhinoplasty –The open rhinoplasty procedure is the most common type performed. In this procedure, we make small incisions on the exterior and interior of the nose. This also involves the columella, which is simply the connective tissue that is between your two nostrils. The skin of the nose is lifted through these incisions so that the cartilage of the nasal structure is accessible. After the desired amount of extra cartilage tissue and skin has been removed, the doctor will then graft tissue in place to provide support to the structure of your new nose. Using this technique, Dr. Davis is able to have total access to your nose structure. This can allow you the best chances to enjoy a simple, quick treatment with predictable results.

Closed Rhinoplasty –Patients tend to report that the biggest benefit of having a closed rhinoplasty procedure is having all of the incisions placed inside of the nasal cavity. Since no incisions are placed outside of the nose, a patient will enjoy more natural results. It is important to note, however, that using the closed approach makes it more difficult to fully outline the patient’s treatment plan in a way that is most understandable. Yet, this technique can provide the most beautiful results along with a more natural appearance than other methods when it is performed by the right doctor. Furthermore, the recovery period is approximately the same amount of time and involves the same level of care that would be expected with an open rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty – Currently, there is not a rhinoplasty technique that has been created specifically to meet the unique needs of those with different ethnicities. For this reason, ethnic rhinoplasty is a term that is used to describe procedures that are performed using a combination of a patient’s requested aesthetic enhancements along with their physical characteristics when they come from a background other than Caucasian. This is because physical traits can vary significantly among people with different ethnicities, which means that one type of technique used for a person’s nose surgery may not be as successful on someone with a different background. For example, a nose can have a wider tip, or it can be skinnier and longer. Different ethnicities also have variance regarding the thickness and thinness of the skin on their nose. Fortunately, Dr. Davis has a strong understanding of these variances regarding nose characteristics and he offers a treatment plan that has been customized to fit each patient’s traits and goals. If you come from a non-Caucasian background and you would like rhinoplasty surgery, then let us provide you with assistance at our Tampa office.

Revision rhinoplasty –Sometimes, a nose surgery performed in the past can have undesirable results or serious complications that mar the aesthetics. When this happens, a person can opt to have revision rhinoplasty to fix these problems. A revision rhinoplasty differs from primary rhinoplasty because a person’s nose structure has already undergone significant alteration. With this treatment, it is necessary to consider the amount of existing scar tissue, past grafting of tissue and the remaining nose structure that has been reduced before developing a plan for the revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Davis has over 10 years of experience in the field of performing facial cosmetic surgery. This has allowed him to become well known in the field for delivering perfect results. In fact, other physicians frequently send him referrals. When you choose Dr. Davis for your rhinoplasty, you can rest assured that he has a high level of expertise and all of the required skills and training to successfully perform your revision surgery.

Although the procedure that is right for you depends on several factors, the majority of rhinoplasty procedures that are performed use what is called the open approach. These are especially common with revision procedures. When you have your initial consultation at our Tampa clinic, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of rhinoplasty so that we can identify the technique that is best suited to your needs. Rhinoplasty is never a simple “one size fits all” procedure and it is critical that we tailor your treatment to suit your aesthetic and functional needs. The closed approach involves placing all of the required incisions inside of your nose so that they are invisible from the outside. However, this procedure also makes it slightly more challenging to explain to you how the surgical process will proceed since you cannot see the areas that will be affected. Dr. Davis understands this, and he provides the guidance you need to make the right decision regarding the right treatment.

Computer Imaging

At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we use a nose job simulator to show you a close approximation of how your nose will appear after you have had your rhinoplasty procedure. Plastic surgeons frequently use this modern computer imaging technique to help prospective patients prepare psychologically for their surgery. Dr. Dean G. Davis uses the computer simulation to demonstrate to patients how proposed changes will alter the appearance of their nose. While it is important to remember that the image is not able to accurately show certain results of a rhinoplasty, it can be a close enough approximation to provide a better understanding to patients of what to expect. Before using a nose job simulator, it is always explained to patients that everybody has nasal abnormalities that are unique to them, as well as different ways of healing. These can all have an impact on the final results.

When patients visit Dr. Davis for their consultation, they often come with their own image of what they hope to look like after their nose job is complete. Following the exam, the doctor may have ideas to provide himself regarding how a natural looking result may be achieved using specific strategies. This is why a nose job simulator is helpful. Dr. Davis can then demonstrate his suggestions until he is sure that both he and the patient are in agreement regarding the desired outcome. To accomplish this, a photograph of the patient’s current nose is used. It is digitally altered by the simulator to show the changes that have been talked about during the initial consultation.

It is essential for you to keep in mind that the nose job simulation is one way that we can predict how your nose may appear after the rhinoplasty procedure. However, the simulator is unable to take into consideration potential abnormalities regarding the structure of your nose, nor your body’s ability to heal. Sometimes, Dr. Davis has to reposition or adjust the width of a person’s deviated septum when it is severe so that it will be properly aligned with the center of a person’s nose and other facial features. This type of structural correction can also affect the types of alterations that Dr. Davis has to perform on a person’s dorsum. For this reason, Dr. Davis has to consider every aspect of a patient’s nose so that he can ensure the procedure will maintain the same structural integrity and functioning as would be expected after a perfect procedure. When the nose job simulator is used, it can only show the outside of the nose, but it is unable to show the intricate work that a surgeon must perform on the inside of the nose when the procedure is done. If you want to know for sure how your nose will look after the rhinoplasty, then the best way to find out is to attend a personalized consultation with Dr. Davis.

Improving the Nasal Tip with Tip Plasty

A common concern people have with their nose is an imperfection such as an overly square, large, sagging, upturned or bulbous nose tip, that should be corrected. For many people, tip plasty is a better choice than deciding to have the more invasive complete rhinoplasty performed. The tip plasty procedure involves several methods used to reshape and enhance the nose tip. Dr. Davis uses many different techniques to refine and narrow the nose tip by reshaping the cartilage. He can also increase the definition of your nose and reduce a nose that is too round by using special methods of suturing, grafting and excision.

The tip plasty procedure is performed using what is called a closed technique. This technique is when the doctor makes incisions that are only on the interior of the nose. This is accomplished by placing a tiny incision in the columella, or slender piece of skin that is between your nostrils. This procedure is considered to be less intense than a complete rhinoplasty surgery for several reasons. It is done in only one hour using IV sedation or local anesthesia. Patients also find that the recovery period is easier and shorter. Compared to a complete rhinoplasty, tip plasty usually results in only a small amount of swelling with bruising that is less noticeable. Additionally, potential scars are hidden within the inside of the patient’s nose so they go unnoticed. Most patients are able to return to work and their normal activities about a week after they have the procedure performed.

Recovery and Aftercare – Post-surgery Process

At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, we take a proactive stance during the recovery process. Since we must make sure that the treated area has the opportunity to heal properly, we make every effort to ensure that the surgery site is protected. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty are given vitamin supplements prior to and following surgery to reduce excessive bruising and keep swelling to a minimum. Following the surgery, protective bandages and splints are applied to the outside of your nose to control bleeding, keep swelling to a minimum and guide healing in the preferred manner. These dressings are kept in place for about 14 days and they should be changed after the first week. Once the bandages and protective splint are removed, any remaining bruising can usually be camouflaged with makeup.


During the recovery phase, it is important to limit your daily activities so that you have time to heal properly. For six weeks following the surgery, you will need to avoid all strenuous activity, along with the use of eyeglasses. Furthermore, you will be required to avoid placing a strain on your nose from blowing while you recover since doing so could limit your body’s ability to heal and lead to undesirable complications. However, you may use nasal saline spray to find relief from nasal congestion. After the restrictions are lifted, we can show you how to avoid placing a strain on your nose when you wear glasses.

After about six weeks you will be able to enjoy your regular daily activities along with your favorite sports and strenuous work or exercises. You will also be able to fully see how your newly shaped nose appears. It is important, however, to keep in mind that total healing will not be finished until a year after the surgery, even though you will now be able to go back to your former routine. This is because the long-term fibrosis changes to the tissue and cartilage take your body awhile to complete.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

When rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty is considered to be only for cosmetic reasons, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket since it is usually considered by insurance carriers to be an elective procedure. However, if it is performed to increase the functioning of the nose alongside septal surgery, then you could be eligible for insurance coverage depending on your plan. If you need help with understanding your insurance coverage or utilizing CareCredit® financing, then please contact us today. Dr. Davis accepts payment using multiple methods, including credit cards, insurance, and cash.

Why Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Davis will give you superb care and beautiful nose job results. For these reasons alone, you should plan to visit Davis Facial Plastic Surgery so that he can perform your rhinoplasty or revision procedure. Yet, in addition to his commitment to providing you with a natural looking nose that enhances your best features along with quality care, Dr. Davis also has the highest level of qualifications to perform the procedure. Because of his background in the medical field that focuses exclusively on facial and neck surgery, Dr. Davis has experience in nose surgery that cannot be paralleled by anyone else in the Temple Terrace area. You can rest assured that he has a deep respect and understanding of the aesthetics and functioning of an ideal nose.

If you live in Temple Terrace or the surrounding areas, please don’t wait to contact our practice if you have questions or concerns regarding rhinoplasty.

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