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Rhinoplasty in Pinellas Park, FL

A person’s nose plays a large part in the appearance of a person’s face as a whole. If there is a problem with the facial feature, such as not being proportionate to the face, misshapen due to an accident or even genetics, or if it hinders your breathing due to a deviated septum, rhinoplasty is a procedure that can restore the look of the nose or rectify any nasal defect. Men and women alike can enjoy an improved appearance or easier time breathing when they see Dr. Dean G. Davis, a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, who can perform rhinoplasty for patients residing in Pinellas Park, FL.

At our practice in Tampa, FL, we are sensitive to the needs of all patients and deeply understand the relationship between the nose and face. In addition, we understand the different needs of both men and women when it comes to their noses. Women want a nose that is flattering to their overall face and that complements their eyes, lips, chin and even hair. Men seek a nose that is distinctly masculine and that goes with the shape of their jawline. It is this knowledge that helps us to deliver exceptional treatments for each of our patients that are customized for their specific needs. Overall, each patient wants and deserves to have their nose in perfect symmetry with the rest of their face.

If you are interested in receiving rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty procedure, contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery at your earliest convenience. Our office is located in a most convenient location for residents of Pinellas Park, Tampa, and other surrounding areas.

Rhinoplasty – An Overview

Rhinoplasty, better known as simply a nose job, is a procedure in which the nose is reshaped for the purpose of function or form. In other words, it can be performed for aesthetic purposes or to correct a defect that involves your breathing. Sometimes, even after a patient has already had a rhinoplasty, a second procedure, known as a revision rhinoplasty, is necessary so that the doctor can correct anything that requires improvement from the first procedure. Dr. Davis specializes specifically in nose surgery and has invaluable experience in performing these types of procedures. Additionally, Dr. Davis boasts an exceptional reputation for providing extremely satisfying results to his patients and even receives referrals from other doctors.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty procedure can help you to both look and feel better. It can improve your overall self-confidence and self-esteem and even help you to breathe better than you have in years. This type of surgery can have long lasting benefits that can richly improve the quality of your life. You will be able to enjoy a number of benefits, including improved confidence allowing you to leave a better impression, as well as improved physical health. If you believe that rhinoplasty can change your life for the better and have always felt that the appearance or function of your nose has been a hindrance, you should consider rhinoplasty and call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Available Techniques

While every single person’s needs are different when it comes to their nose, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” rhinoplasty procedure. Each patient will receive special attention that addresses their personal concerns regarding their nose. The doctor will work with you to devise the best possible approach toward performing your rhinoplasty. You will find that, when you have your initial consultation at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, our staff will work with you to decide the best course of action for performing your procedure based on your nose shape, condition, function and of course, your aesthetic goals. There are various techniques that can be used, which include:

Open Rhinoplasty – The open rhinoplasty is generally the most common type of nose surgery available. When the doctor performs an open rhinoplasty, incisions will be made to both the outside and inside of the nose, including to the columella, the area between the nostrils. The doctor will work with the cartilage and tissue within to reshape the nose and subsequently close up the incisions. Dr. Davis receives full access to the structure of the nose while using this technique, which allows you to have easy and effective treatment.

Closed Rhinoplasty – A closed rhinoplasty involves all of the incisions made being inside the nasal cavity. As a result, there are none on the outside that are visible. Many patients find this beneficial, although this type of rhinoplasty is overall a more difficult one in terms of the doctor’s ability to focus on any intricate details regarding a patient’s treatment. However, with the right doctor, a closed rhinoplasty can result in excellent results, with beautiful and natural looking after effects. It is important to note that recovery time for this procedure is no different than for an open rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty – Although there is no specific type of rhinoplasty procedure tailored for patients of varying ethnic backgrounds, an ethnic rhinoplasty is generally a procedure that is made based on characteristics common within individuals who are not Caucasian. Of course, these traits can vary greatly as one ethnicity’s nose surgery technique is not necessarily suitable for an individual of a different ethnic background. Some noses will be wider, narrower, have a thinner or wider tip and the skin may even be different. Dr. Davis is skilled in the area of ethnic rhinoplasty, a procedure that is tailored specifically for patients of Asian, Latino or African-American descent, and our Tampa office at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery can help you.

Revision Rhinoplasty – If you have received a previous procedure but are dissatisfied with the results or suffered complications, you will want to get a revision rhinoplasty. This procedure is considerably different than regular rhinoplasties, largely because the nose’s structure has already been altered to a considerable extent. When Dr. Davis performs a revision rhinoplasty, he takes this into consideration and knows that there are aspects, such as scar tissue, reduced structure and tissue grafts present. He is renowned in this area of expertise for providing amazing results and even receives referrals from other doctors. With that knowledge, you can be assured that he will provide you with the best results possible when performing your revision rhinoplasty.

Of course, the specific type of rhinoplasty procedure for you depends on a variety of factors. However, the most commonly performed one is the open procedure, especially for revision rhinoplasties. When you have your consultation at our Tampa office, we will explain all the details that go into rhinoplasty so that you can make an educated decision as to which is the best procedure for you. Keep in mind that a rhinoplasty is never a “one size fits all” type of surgery. Dr. Davis will ensure that you receive all of the information you need to decide the course of action toward your rhinoplasty, as well as your treatment afterward.

Computer Imaging

As a patient at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, you have the option of relying on computer imaging used at our offices to see what your nose can potentially look like after a rhinoplasty procedure. This technique is available for plastic surgeons who perform such procedures and is highly useful for patients to see what the results of their surgery might look like. With this technology, Dr. Davis can show you all of the changes he might make to your nose. Although computer imaging doesn’t necessarily always show the actual results of a rhinoplasty, it can help to create a plan of the procedure. Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind that each patient has a unique nasal structure and different requirements for their healing, which has an effect on the outcome of their surgery.

Often, patients come in for an initial consultation with Dr. Davis to get a better idea of what kind of results they would like to see following their procedure. After the exam, the doctor will make some suggestions about what course of action to take so that the patient can have the most natural appearing results. Dr. Davis relies on a nose job simulator to show each of his patients what they can expect following their surgery. In using the technology, the doctor can also show a variety of changes so that the patient can choose exactly what procedure and specific changes they want to be made as a goal toward the look they want to achieve.

Patients should note that a nose job simulator tool is good for predicting what their nose might look like following rhinoplasty, but it will not take into account any abnormalities or the process of healing after surgery. In some cases, Dr. Davis may have to trim or reposition a deviated septum in a patient if it’s severe so that it can be properly aligned with the nose’s center. When the doctor performs surgery for functional purposes, he must take into consideration every part of the nose. A nose simulator will only show what the external changes might look like after rhinoplasty, but it will not provide a description of the internal work being done. Ultimately, the best way for a patient to truly know what to expect with their procedure is to have a consultation with Dr. Davis.

Improving the Nasal Tip with Tip Plasty

Some people have nasal tips that are less than satisfactory. Sometimes, the tip of the nose can be too large, too upturned, sagging or too square. For such people, a tip plasty may be a better option than a rhinoplasty. Dr. Davis relies on a variety of techniques to perform this type of surgery, which involves refining or narrowing the cartilage in the tip of the nose.

A tip plasty procedure can be performed using a closed technique, where the incisions are all made inside the nose. The doctor performs this procedure by first making a tiny incision in the columella, the area between the nostrils. A tip plasty is much less invasive than a rhinoplasty and is performed in around an hour under general anesthesia. As a result, the recovery time is also shorter and easier. When a patient has a tip plasty, there is minimal swelling and scarring is mostly unnoticeable. After this type of procedure, the majority of patients can return to their normal everyday activities and work within a week.

Recovery and Aftercare – Post-Surgery Process

Our staff at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery is extremely proactive during patients’ recovery process and will strive to ensure that you have the best outcome after surgery. We will make sure the healing process is smooth and effective, and we take steps to promote healing and minimize complication risks. Before and after a rhinoplasty, a patient is given vitamin supplements to ensure minimal swelling and bruising. Following surgery, tape dressing and splints are placed over the nose to protect it and to aid in the healing process. They are worn for around two weeks and are replaced after the first. After the dressings and splint are removed, usually within 12 to 14 days, makeup can be used to conceal any residual bruising.


During your recovery period, you will have to restrict certain activities so that you can have a successful healing process. For the first six weeks after your surgery, avoid any strenuous activities and do not use glasses. You will also have to forgo blowing your nose, as doing so can potentially hinder the healing of your nose and lead to complications. However, if necessary, you can use nasal spray. Later, we will show you how to wear glasses so that there is no strain on your nose.

By the six-week mark, you will be free to resume your everyday activities, including those that are strenuous. You will also be able to enjoy the new look and/or function of your nose. It is important to note, however, that although you will no longer have to worry about limiting your daily activities, it can take up to a full year for the healing process to be complete. This is because the significant changes made to the cartilage and underlying tissue in the nose take a good deal of time to heal.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Rhinoplasty, like any other surgical procedure that is done for cosmetic reasons, is paid for out of pocket. However, if you opt for surgery to correct a functional problem, such as deviated septum, insurance may cover it. Contact us to determine insurance coverage or for using CareCredit® financing to pay for your procedure. Dr. Davis accepts payments through cash, check and credit card.

Why Choose Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Davis is renowned in the area of nasal surgery and provides exceptional results. Our staff is helpful and attentive toward all our patients and will work with you to come up with the best course of action to take toward your rhinoplasty. Due to our commitment and Dr. Davis’s fine skills, you will have a unique experience that results in satisfactory results and the best possible treatment following your procedure.

If you reside in Pinellas Park or any surrounding areas in Florida and are interested in having a rhinoplasty procedure, please contact our office at your earliest convenience.

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