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Reasons for Getting Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FLDifferent parts of your face can make a dramatic difference when it comes to your overall appearance. For instance, having a recessed or small chin can make your nose appear larger. Eyelids that droop or sag can make you look haggard or tired even if you’re feeling very lively. And when it comes to the size and shape of your ears, that can also become problematic.

The team at our practice has helped a number of Tampa facial plastic surgery patients achieve excellent results through ear pinning and ear reduction surgery. Let’s take a moment right now to look at the basics.

Problems Associated with Prominent Ears

When a person’s ears are too prominent, they can dominate their entire appearance. This goes for whether the ear protrude out at the sides too much or if they are simply very large. Many children who have large ears are teased because of the size and shape, which can lead to issues with self-esteem. It’s for these compelling aesthetic reasons that patients visit our cosmetic plastic surgery center in Spring Hill for otoplasty.

About Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery that is designed to reshape and sculpt the patient’s ears. In addition to altering the size of the ears and the degree to which they project, otoplasty can also be performed for reconstructive reasons in case of ear injury or ear trauma.

Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty

The best candidates for Tampa otoplasty are adults and children who have ears that are very large, protrude in an undersirable way, or that have been injured in some fashion. These candidates should be in good overall health and also have realistic expectations about what the otoplasty can achieve.

Ways That Otoplasty is Performed

There are a few different ways that otoplasty can be performed:

  • Cartilage scoring techniques – Cartilage scoring will involve incisions made in the cartilage in order to rearrange position and improve overall shape of the ear(s).

  • Cartilage sparing techniques – Cartilage sparing will involve the use of stitches and sutures to improve the overall protrusion of the ears.

  • Ear reduction options – Ear reduction will involve the removal of cartilage and/or skin (e.g., the ear lobes) in order to improve the appearance of the ears.

Ideal Otoplasty Procedure for Your Needs

The best otoplasty option for your needs will really depend on the type of aesthetic problem that you face. In general, cartilage scoring and sparing are better for addressing the protrusion of the ears, while ear reduction is a better option for dealing with the size of the ears.

Other Options for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

In addition to otoplasty, there are plenty of other options for facial plastic surgery that can have a positive impact on your appearance. We can discuss all of these in more detail during a consultation.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery

For more information about otoplasty and your many other options for facial aesthetic enhancement, we encourage you to contact our Spring Hill facial plastic surgery center today. Our entire team will answer all of your questions in full detail so that you can make the most informed and empowered decisions possible.