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Transgender Procedures
in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

Living as a transgender person takes great courage. Your choice to undergo transgender surgery is deeply personal, and you need a surgeon who gives you not only the utmost care, but also understands the challenges you face. Dr. Dean G. Davis is a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, so he has the skill, experience, and expertise you need. Most of all, though, he has personally worked with many transgender individuals in Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns, so he is able to give you the highest level of support and guidance as well. While Dr. Davis accepts many different methods of financing your procedure, David Facial Plastic Surgery does not participate in any medical health insurance plans. 

What are Transgender Procedures?

Better known as SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) or GRS (gender reassignment surgery), transgender procedures are performed by surgeons on patients who wish to transition from one gender to another.

Gender reassignment surgeries involve several surgical procedures, and filler injections, that alter body parts to change them from female to male or male to female. Some patients suffer from gender dysphoria — the belief that they were born the wrong sex, or in the wrong body. It is estimated that about 50 gender reassignment surgeries per week are performed in North America, making the once-strange and marginalized surgery a more common occurrence.

The process of changing one’s body to match their gender identity involves complex surgical procedures. Not only does the patient require the assistance of medical professionals from nearly every field of medicine, but they require the love and support of a good network of family and friends as their transition begins, during the actual transitioning, and at the conclusion of the transitioning.

Davis Facial Plastic Surgery performs the following procedures of the face, head or neck for those patients who are in the process of gender reassignment. Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

Preparing for Transgender Procedures (Sexual Reassignment Surgery)

Getting ready for transgender procedures doesn’t just involve medical readiness — many facial plastic surgeons will require the potential patient to undergo comprehensive psychological and psychiatric testing to ensure that they are mentally prepared for the actual gender reassignment process. In addition, after the surgeon is assured that the patient is psychologically prepared for the surgery, the surgeon will require the patient to undergo a comprehensive series of medical tests to make sure they are physically prepared, as well.

Recovery from Transgender Procedures (Sexual Reassignment Surgery)

Recovery from transgender procedures involves extended amounts of time to heal. In addition, because the actual process of gender reassignment surgery requires a series of different surgeries, each procedure requires a different recovery procedure and time frame. The patient will be required to follow the recovery instructions of each procedure.

Are Transgender Procedures (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) Right for Me?

You should only undergo transgender procedures if they are, indeed, right for you. Aside from the physical and medical standards that must be met prior to your first operation, you must make sure that you undergo a series of tests from psychologists and psychiatrists that specialize in the field of SRS before you undergo the first procedure. In addition, you must have the “real life experience” that aligns with your gender identity — in other words, you must live for two years as the gender you wish to transition to before you begin to undergo transitional surgeries. If have successfully lived your life for two years as the opposite sex, and you still have the desire to change genders thereafter, SRS may be the right answer for you.

Real Patient Reviews

“I had a minor surgery done by Dr. Davis and going in I was extremely nervous about the surgery itself and the outcome. Dr. Davis and the staff did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and calmed my nerves completely. Not to mention the amazing results that are better than I could have ever expected and im only 6 weeks post surgery. Dr. Davis is the best doctor/ surgeon I have ever met and his staff are beyond cooperative and so kind. If I could recommend everyone in Tampa thats needs cosmetic surgery to go to him, I 1000% would!” – Bryanna P.

How Much Do The Transgender Procedures of Sexual Reassignment Surgery Cost?

The costs of the sexual reassignment surgery will vary depending on the patient’s original sex at birth, and the complexity of the steps required to reassign the patient to the gender desired. Dr. Davis offers a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and financing via CareCredit®.

What to Expect During Your Sexual Reassignment Surgery Consultation

Because the actual gender reassignment procedure is much more complicated than any other cosmetic surgery procedure, Dr. Davis’ initial consultation with you will be very different than what one would normally expect. Dr. Davis must ascertain that you are of sound mind and body to complete this admittedly difficult task. Once your physical and mental state of being are determined to be sound, Dr. Davis — who is very precise in his evaluations, takes great care to ensure that your goals are met. He discusses the details of your desired gender (including appearance), as well as the required procedures. All parties must be on the same page when it comes to transgender procedures, so because this is a huge undertaking, Dr. Davis answers any and all questions you may have, so that you are satisfied and confident in his abilities.

Transgender procedures require the utmost skill, experience and compassion. If you are considering transgender procedures and sex reassignment surgery, contact our office to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Davis. Read more on our Press and Awards page.