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Skin Care Products
in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

Skin care and anti-aging — the two largest revenue-producing product lines in the country. Unfortunately, many of these products fail to give you what you desire — real results. If you have drawers and cabinets filled with skin care and anti-aging solutions that deliver lackluster results, perhaps now is the time to consider professional-level skin care products. As a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Dean G. Davis has selected only the finest skin care products for his patients in Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding towns.

What are Skin Care Products?

If you have tried any of the latest over-the-counter skin care products, then you know many of the manufacturers make numerous promises about their benefits. Skin care for women and men is one the largest segments of the cosmetic industry, but many products deliver no real results. This is why Davis Facial Plastic Surgery offers quality skin care products that are available for use by qualified medical providers.

Benefits of Skin Care Products

At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, our professional skin care products are designed to work with a patient’s skin to improve its tone, texture, and appearance. The companies formulating these products invest money and time on clinical trials to ensure the results a customer experiences are long lasting.

What Skin Care Products are Offered at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Davis has personally selected our skin care products to meet the unique needs of patients residing in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area. Products we have available include:


How Do I Use Skin Care Products?

During consultations and appointments at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, our team recommends skin care products that are appropriate for each patient. Patients are taught how to use the products along with the best time to apply the serums, lotions or creams. The products from our medical facility are designed to fit easily into a current skin care regimen.

How Much Do Skin Care Products Cost?

The skin care products available at Davis Facial Plastic Surgery are designed to improve the appearance and health of our patient’s skin. Products are available to patients seeking quality skin care and are frequently recommended to assist with healing after undergoing other treatments. The cost of products varies for each patient, depending on their skin type and needs. Patients are responsible for the cost of these products because medical insurance companies consider the treatments elective. You can pay by major credit card and cash.

Real Patient Reviews

“Doc Davis and staff are absolutely fantastic! I could not be happier with my experience and the results. Everyone at this office is extremely attentive, professional and best of all, Dr. Davis treats all his patients like family. I never had a question in my mind about trusting him with my surgery. Incredible surgeon!” – Natalie

Are these Skin Care Products Right for Me?

Every skin type can benefit from the application of professional skin care products designed to reduce flaws such as wrinkles, lines, and blemishes, in addition to improving the overall health of the skin. To determine the best skin care products for your skin, contact our medical office today to schedule a consultation.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Our team examines your features and skin during a consultation to discuss desired aesthetic outcomes and the problems that require improvements and prescribes a treatment to help you look better before explaining the proper use of products.

Stop throwing away money, and start getting the results you deserve! Contact Davis Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa to learn more about our professional skin care products.