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Your cheeks play a surprisingly important role in your appearance.  Women use blush, contour powder and other types of makeup to enhance their cheeks.  Men rarely consider the role of their cheeks in their appearances.  The cheekbones and soft tissue, though, are areas where light falls on your face to create soft highlights and shadows.  The quality of these shadows actually frames your face to draw attention to your eyes and mouth.  As a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Dean G. Davis intimately understands how subtle changes to your cheeks greatly improve your overall appearance and attractiveness.  Our cheek augmentation before and after pictures show how the procedure has helped men and women living in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and surrounding towns in Florida.

Cheek augmentation may be performed surgically or with injectable treatments.  In some cases, Dr. Davis may recommend a temporary injectable product to give you time to evaluate the results prior to committing to surgery.  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Davis after you review our cheek augmentation before and after pictures.

Malar/Cheek Augmentation: Patient 1

Malar/Cheek Augmentation: Patient 2