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Davis Facial Plastic Surgery

Facelifts are one of the more traditional plastic surgery procedures. In recent years, though, surgical techniques have improved significantly. Additionally, Dr. Dean G. Davis, a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, maximizes the benefits of advanced technologies and minimally-invasive options that enhance the results of facelifts. To see the results of some of our patients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and surrounding towns in Florida, please browse our facelifts before and after pictures.

As a highly-qualified and experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Davis incorporates a range of facelift techniques into his treatment plans. Your treatment plan is tailored to your needs, so you always feel confident that you are only undergoing the surgical procedures that are necessary and offer the greatest improvements. Our facelifts before and after pictures show how Dr. Davis reduces the signs of aging through various facelift techniques and complementary treatments.

Facelift: Patient 1

Facelift: Patient 2

Facelift: Patient 3

Facelift: Patient 4

Facelift: Patient 5

Facelift: Patient 6

Facelift: Patient 7

Facelift: Patient 8

Facelift: Patient 9