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Earlobe Repair Before and After Pictures in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL

Earlobes are a very delicate body part that may tear or stretch over time with the use of earrings or gauges. Earlobe repair can help restore the normal size and shape of your earlobes. Davis Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa proudly performs earlobe repair surgery on the residents of St. Petersburg and the encompassing areas. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis today.

 Damage to the earlobe is a common occurrence that can be easily corrected with a simple surgical procedure. Earlobe repair is a quick procedure that requires little downtime and can drastically improve your appearance. Torn, sagging earlobes can not only give your ears a stretched, aged appearance, but it can also eliminate your ability to wear ear jewelry. At Davis Facial Plastic Surgery, you can have your earlobes corrected and reshaped using fine stitching and needles which help to minimize visible scarring.

Stretched or torn earlobes can occur due to trauma to the ear, such as a torn piercing, or stretching, such as from earlobe gauging. Dr. Davis is highly skilled in reconstructive surgeries and can correct this and reform your ear back to its natural appearance with a simple earlobe repair surgery. To learn more about how earlobe repair can benefit you, browse our gallery below to view before and after pictures of patients who have undergone an earlobe repair surgery.

Earlobe repair is an excellent choice for patients of all ages who have minor trauma to the ear or have stretched or torn their earlobe due to a piercing or gauge. Dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist Dr. Dean Davis is highly skilled in earlobe repair surgeries and performs them on patients who reside in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the nearby cities in Central Florida.

Earlobe Repair: Patient 1

Earlobe Repair: Patient 2