Otoplasty, or ear surgery, changes the shape, size and position of the ears. Your ears play an important part in enhancing or reducing your facial balance. Unfortunately, having ears that are out of proportion with the face is why many children and adults are the victims of teasing and abuse. As a dual-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Dean G. Davis has the expertise you need for otoplasty. Our otoplasty before and after pictures show actual patients from Tampa, St. Petersburg and nearby areas in Florida.

Otoplasty describes a range of techniques that are used by Dr. Davis to correct birth defects, enhance the appearance of the ears and even restore certain ear functions. Davis Facial Plastic Surgery has helped many children, adolescents and adults feel better about their appearances after otoplasty. Please browse our otoplasty before and after pictures to see the results of the surgery, and then contact our office in Tampa to schedule a consultation.

Otoplasty: Patient 1

Otoplasty: Patient 2

Otoplasty: Patient 3

Otoplasty: Patient 4